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Certainty in uncertain times


Dear Friends,

I am flying off to the Ukraine this October and let’s face it news from there is seldom good, with the threat of Russian invasion imminent at least in the minds of the Ukrainians themselves. They are not the only ones feeling the pressure of impending doom. North Korea’s missile tests continue to threaten world peace whilst Hurricane Irma has wreaked havoc among the Caribbean Islands and the Florida coastline. Mind you with Donald Trump in The White House the world should already be over according to those who prophesied it if he ever came to power.

We live, to say the least, in troubling times where one little spark could send things spinning out of control; our control anyway. So maybe it is time to turn off the news and turn to God’s Word? For we read in (Psalm 11:3) where David, the revered Jewish king, asked this question, “When the foundations are being destroyed what can the righteous do? A question we can easily echo with so many natural, moral, political and spiritual foundations being shaken today. But there is an answer and it is this says David (Psalm 11:4). “The Lord is in His temple; the Lord is on His heavenly throne.” Now, if that doesn’t sound like much of an answer to you then understand that we are being told about the one unmoving anchor when everything else is up for grabs.

Things might be out of our control, but they are NEVER out of God’s control. Nations may fall. Evil men can plot and even succeed. The doctor may stun us with bad news. The finances may seem impossible. The funeral may seem like the end. Our family may look hopeless. But God has not vacated the throne from which the universe is governed. (Proverbs 19:21) reminds us that, “It is the Lord’s purpose that prevails”

 Do you recall your first time on a roller coaster? I was scared to death first time I went on one and was convinced I wouldn’t make my next birthday. I was being knocked about every which-way through bends and turns whilst defying gravity. It seemed like we were out of control, but NOT out of control, because the whole time that car was flying all over, it was attached to the tracks and headed for a safe destination.

Likewise, no matter how we feel and what is happening around us, know that “The Lord is in His temple; the Lord is on His heavenly throne.” We are NOT at the mercy of a roller coaster world. We are loved by the God who rules the galaxies; whose plans can’t be derailed. Be NOT afraid for however wild the ride, things are still on track.

The Bible says that IN CHRIST we have been given the greatest insurance policy in the universe, for “NOTHING can separate from God’s love.” I may not know what is happening to you specifically but IN CHRIST we have un-lose-able source of security that is missile proof, invasion proof, divorce-proof, terror-proof, recession-proof, unemployment-proof and even death-proof. The Bible says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” The same one, who loved us enough to die for our sins and was powerful enough to walk out of His grave, is the one sure thing in a rapidly changing and deteriorating world. I don’t know what will happen whilst I am in the Ukraine but I do know I can trust the sovereign OVER ALL with it.

Your Friend and Pastor