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Post from Paul

Welcome to the Month of May! We are a third of the way through 2019 already. How did that happen? Spring is a great season – the lighter, longer days, the sun (hopefully) shining and signs of life bursting forth after the winter months. As a church, we enter an exciting season – a season full of expectancy. In faith, I am looking for increased signs of the Spirit’s activity amongst us as we see lives touched and changed by the life-giving reality of Jesus.

As Shaun begins his sabbatical, let us not cease praying for him. Let’s pray that his time away from the ministry here at SBC will be refreshing and that he and Kathie will both know the Lord’s blessing and be encouraged as the Lord speaks to them.

We’ve just celebrated Easter and one of the key texts after the resurrection is Luke 24:27,  “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.”

On Sunday mornings, for the majority of the next few months, we will be working our way through a preaching series which I have called “Genesis to Revelation: The Greatest Story”. What is the story of the Bible? How does it all fit together? What is it all pointing towards? Jesus explained to his disciples in Luke 24 that the whole Bible was and is pointing to Him, the Messiah, the rescuer. It is vital for us as believers to understand the big picture of Scripture – if we don’t understand the metanarrative of Scripture then much of the Bible will be misunderstood or simply ripped out of its context to mean what we want it to mean. Therefore, this season we will, with the Lord’s help, get to grips with God’s big picture.

My prayer and hope, as we work through this series, is that the Lord will show us afresh how great He is and that we will grasp in a deeper way the reality of His saving plan to rescue us – who desperately need rescuing yet could never save ourselves.

Alongside the preaching series, I encourage you to sign up for the “Whole Life Whole Bible” daily readings. These will support the preaching and will help us as a church to grow together as disciples of Christ. You can sign up for free online, or if you are unable to do that you can obtain a book version from the church office or at the back of the sanctuary.

We also look forward to engaging with the 21 days of prayer initiative, which will begin in the month of July. This will be a fantastic way for us all to unite in prayer and worship to the Lord as we look to Him to build His kingdom amongst us and through us.

Do pray for me and the other leaders at SBC as we take a greater load in Shaun’s absence. My priority in Shaun’s absence is to ensure the Bible is taught well and the gospel is proclaimed – this is the means by which the Spirit will enable us to grow together in the Lord. Do also pray for others who will undertake much of the pastoral visiting and practical care – we’re thankful for a team of caring visitors!

This is an exciting season and we can be encouraged and expectant that the Lord will work amongst us for His glory. It always encourages me to reflect on the Lord’s sovereignty – he is in control of everything … this world, our lives and times, this church, our families … everything is in God’s hands. He is always working that many may come to know the saving power of Jesus and experience the rescue that we all need from sin to life. May all that we do as a church partner with Jesus in His mission to make His name known, and may we see His gospel bearing much fruit in our lives and in the life of His church across these coming months.

Bless you all!

With love from,

Paul ?