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Welcome to day 1 of 21 Days of Prayer

Transcript from the video

I am so glad you are joining us for the next three weeks.
Our theme verse for this time is Acts chapter 2 v 42, where those first followers of Jesus “devoted themselves to the Apostles teaching, God’s Word, to the breaking of bread, to fellowship and to prayer”.
That is what this 21 days of prayer is all about and today here on Day One, we are beginning by praying for this church’s vision to Save Our Shirley, to reach the people of our community.
That is a very big prayer to get our heads around. But here is an idea rather than prayer for the whole community , why not just pray for one person, maybe it’s a family member a friend, a neighbour, somebody you go to school or college with, somebody that you care about that needs Jesus Christ in their lives.
Let’s go in prayer as we go deep with God over the next 21 days.

Pray for the vision of Shirley (reaching the lost)

Read Acts 1:1 – 2:1-4

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8 NIV

Do you ever feel like you are not enough? Not enough for your job? Not a good enough parent for what’s going on with your child right now? Not enough to make God happy with you or bless you in some way? Do you sometimes think He has given you an impossible task?

The Book of Acts opens with a group of people who felt that way. There were lots of issues they were facing: loss of work (they had left their jobs), an absent leader (Jesus), a leadership position to fill (Judas), and what probably seemed like an impossible task – be witnesses of Jesus’ death and resurrection to the ends of the earth!

Today’s verse shows us that Jesus didn’t just throw them into the deep end. And the good news for you–on this first day of our 21 Days of Prayer–is that He hasn’t thrown you into the deep end either. He didn’t say “go witness” or “go be a witness.” He simply declared “You WILL BE my witnesses” when His most empowering resource the–Holy Spirit–comes to you.

Who or what is the Holy Spirit? It is Jesus’ spirit. In Acts 16:6-8, the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Jesus.  This means that God’s equipping power for you to effectively pray, parent, work and witness is simply this: Christ in YOU. You could reach the ends of the earth with the help of Jesus’ Spirit within you. So take heart. You are reading this prayer guide because these unemployed, under-led, followers of Jesus who were wondering, What’s Next? chose to pray and be ready to receive the awesome power of His Spirit.

On this first day of your prayer journey, position yourself to join their number and do the same for yourself, your family, and our church.

[Upward] What did this passage reveal to you about God?  Praise him for being that God.

[Inward] What did this passage bring up in you?  Be honest with God about your questions and shortcomings, your fears and desires.

[Outward] What does this passage call me to in relationship to others in my world? Ask God to help you take your place in the new chapter of the Book of Acts that is being written in your life today.

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