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Back for a Summer Break (April 2020)

Many of you will remember BMS World Mission worker Ann B who has visited us each summer for the past 3 years.  Ann is now back for two or three months. Last year, many of you were praying that she would get her work visa renewed in time, which it eventually was. This year has been much easier, and she already has her visa in plenty of time.

She is an amazing lady who has served for 52 years as a Nurse, Hostel Mother, School Teacher and Consultant on Haematology Departments, as well as being a friend to many.

Many of you will know that her latest venture is setting up a desperately needed hostel for bone marrow transplant patients at the Hospital where she still works – albeit as a volunteer.

Please be understanding in her first few weeks at home. She is always very tired when she first comes home – understandably so when you know her punishing work schedule, and the rising heat in the months before her return.

We are sure you will make her very welcome again this year.

Clem & Elaine M