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Fairtrade (April 2020)

We were given a copy of this letter by a proud Mum who was delighted to discover that her children had been learning about these ethical issues in school. They had made some Fairtrade cupcakes in class as well as making packs to sell to family and friends and learning to write formal ‘thank you’ letters. Eds.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for purchasing our recipe box. We hope you enjoy these delicious, chocolatey cupcakes. We would like you to take some time to learn about Fairtrade, and how they collaborate with farmers to help them receive a reasonable wage, and how they benefit from Fairtrade.

Fairtrade is an amazing company that works with disadvantaged farmers to help them receive a fair and stable price. This is because farmers only receive a small wage for the highest quality products. Fairtrade standards are unique because they cover terms of trade between products and other traders. They also protect the workers’ rights to decent pay, a safe working environment and the right to join a trade union.

Every day, many many of our employees fill the shelves with multiple Fairtrade products that some of you don’t recognise. All of the Fairtrade products carry the Fairtrade mark. I joined this company because how they help out disadvantaged farmers is great. In this recipe box, we have included Fairtrade cocoa powder to make these delicious cupcakes.

Producers say that the main benefit of Fairtrade is that they receive a higher income through the Fairtrade minimum price.
More than 7.5 million people benefit from Fairtrade and Fairtrade standards as they aim to protect the environment. Cocoa farmers go through many difficult times while farming as it is not an easy thing. The farmers receive a fraction of a penny (0.76p) for their high-quality products.

Every day, small-scale farmers suffer from poor market access and international trade rules such as tariffs and subsidies. If you choose Fairtrade, you will be helping farmers around the world.
9 in 10 people in the U.K. have heard about Fairtrade and its benefits. As a company, we would like everyone to purchase Fairtrade products so that we can assist the less fortunate farmers in the world, who are still struggling every day.

Yours faithfully,

Lacey-May (aged 11)


We have committed to using Fairtrade tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar for all our events and activities. We are equally pleased to say that we also use Clipper brand teas in an effort to be more environmentally friendly as they are being upgraded to plastic-free teabags.
The following Clipper products from our Tea Box are Fairtrade:
Peppermint Infusion, Chamomile Infusion, Green Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea and Decaffeinated Tea.

How will you make a difference to the lives of the people who grow the food and drink we love so much?

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