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BMS’ Coronavirus World Response Updates (August 2020)

BMS World Mission has always been about remembering that our neighbours can be anywhere in the world, and as an international charity serving the poorest and least evangelised, we are now, as ever, committed to bringing hope. These are uncertain times, but together, we can trust in a God who goes before us in our mission to make Jesus known and bring life to the full, no matter the circumstances.

  • We’re funding the creation of a temporary hospital dedicated to treating Coronavirus patients in northern Chad.
  • We’re offering soap and handwashing guidelines to the children and families involved in our preschool education projects in Mozambique; we’re also offering financial support to the teachers involved in this project, as schools in Mozambique have been closed, as well as providing resources to children having to learn from home.
  • We’re providing food parcels to vulnerable families across Peru.
  • We’re providing food parcels and hygiene items to at risk families across Tunisia.
  • We’re providing seeds to farmers in Uganda to help them support themselves and their families during a time of food insecurity.
  • We’re providing food and other basic necessities to families in Albania who have a limited income and are at increased risk due to lockdown.
  • We’re providing food and soap to at-risk families in Bangladesh who currently have limited access to necessities.
  • We’re providing equipment to Guinebor II hospital in Chad to keep the hospital running and enable staff there to carry out crucial temperature screening to ensure people with Coronavirus symptoms get the appropriate care.
  • In India, BMS has helped distribute over 28,000 meals to informal workers who can’t find work across Delhi and Kolkata.
  • We’ve provided emergency food parcels for vulnerable families across Sri Lanka who are unable to purchase food and other necessities during lockdown.
  • We’re enabling hospitals across Nepal to support patients in need by providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff and contributing to hospital running costs, as well as providing food and hygiene parcels to people with little or no daily income.
  • We’re offering mental health support and counselling services for staff and patients affected by the stigma of Coronavirus in Afghanistan.
  • Enabling crucial temperature screening at a BMS-supported hospital in Chad. Staff at the Guinebor II hospital play their part to slow the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. In a country without ventilators, it’s critical that staff act quickly to make sure those at risk are sent to a hospital where they’ll get the correct support.
    Our workers in this critical centre of health in one of the most marginalised places on earth are already preparing for their response to the crisis as Chad records its first cases of Covid-19.

Please pray with us:

Pray for the response to the virus around the world

Pray for our mission workers and UK staff.

Pray for people spending time in quarantine or self-isolation.

Pray for governments and world leaders globally.

Pray that God will slow the spread of the virus.

As church BMS rep, I know there are those within the SBC fellowship who checkout the BMS web site for news and are 24/7 partners. Thank you if you have made extra donations during this crisis period. You’re helping in the response above and to fund food parcels for vulnerable families in Sri Lanka by giving to the BMS Coronavirus appeal. Thank you!  There is more in-depth info, prayer points, news and videos to watch at the BMS website.

SBC and BMS Mission Link.

Lastly, this autumn we will be liaising with BMS about setting up a new link so we can have a continuing special relationship with a BMS worker or project. We also say farewell to Mat & Suzanne G, and Leah who are moving on. They have blessed us by sharing about God’s mission, and we pray God will continue to guide, empower, and bless them all in the continuing outworking of their faith.    
Pete R