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Who’s Who? Now includes the Answers!(August 2020)

Can you work out which members of the fellowship are being described below?

1. The highlight on holiday was to go to Christchurch to watch the trolley buses on a turn table. 
2. Rode a vintage bike in a Southampton Carnival.
3.  Spent a week in a horse-drawn gypsy caravan and kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland.

1.  Wore a cardboard clock round their neck for an award ceremony.
2.  Met Philip Searle (auctioneer as seen in Bargain Hunt) in front of a Lancaster bomber.
3.  Was afraid of the playground on the first day at school as it was on the roof.

1.  Was a national D.J.
2.  Changed the Queen’s mind and so received a personal invitation to a Buckingham Palace garden party.
3.  Sang with Cliff Richard on a Songs of Praise programme.

1. Appeared on Japanese television.
2. Worked as a crofter for a while on a Shetland Island where approximately 40 people lived.
3. Has paid to have the washing done for twenty-five years.

1. Coming home one evening this driver was stopped by police for having no lights.
2. Going on holiday with a friend and two children to Butlins in Bognor Regis, they boarded the train with all their luggage. Unfortunately, this train went to London so they had to get another train back to Bognor Regis.
3. Having decided to learn to swim, this person wouldn’t go back the second time when the information was given that underwater swimming would be on the next agenda.

1. Became a Knight of the Road for completing a Cycling Proficiency Course.
2. Allowed to look after the Queen Mother’s Standard overnight when she re-opened Hillier’s Arboretum.
3. Spent time with Bob Champion, the jockey, at the 1981 Grand National.

1. Had a neighbour who became a Chelsea Pensioner.
2. Met Corrie ten Boom (ex-Dutch P.O.W. in German concentration camp)
3. Had photograph taken for a Times supplement.

Answers to Who’s Who Quiz:
A. Keith G                        
B. John P  
C. Brenda G’d                  
D. Michael I
E. Mary M
F. Paul M
G. Ruth K

Ruth K