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Poem & Prayer (September 2020)

Come and worship the King who rules over all.
No problem too big nor one too small.
Trust and believe and soon you will find
a God who is gentle, patient and kind.
He knows your fears and worries and takes them away.
He gives you endless love that’s always with you to stay.
If you’re broken and feeling down
You will soon mend because
God’s love is free right up to the end.
He never lets you go whatever you do.
What amazing love, so strong and true!
Loving God is the right thing to do.

Ruth G

A Masking Prayer
Lord as I put on my mask, let it be a filter
For my words to pass through as well as my breathing.
Let through only those words which are helpful breathings of love
And stop those things in my speech that will be harmful to others.
Protect me also, O Lord, from the harmful things others may say to me.
Help me to realise that I may be a carrier of bitterness, thoughtlessness,
judgement and prejudice without realising,
And that some people are more word-vulnerable than others.
Give me grace to love those who cannot or will not filter to protect others
And special grace to them, because they got through the world unprotected.
Help me also to be prepared to adapt and be brave and transparent
So that all may have chance to hear.
Lord, be a mask to my mouth
And pin my ears forward for listening.

 Caroline Beckett

This quote from John’s sermon on August 2nd is thought provoking: