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More Who’s Who (October 2020)

Can you work out which members of the fellowship are being described below?

1.    I am ambidextrous
2.    I visited Bethlehem at Christmas time in 1972
3.    I went to Shirley Warren Sunday School  
1.    I went hop picking
2.    I had to cycle 3 miles to school
3.    I managed a small business

1.    I went cycling in France
2.    I was followed and stopped by a police car as they suspected I was about to hi-jack a bonded lorry
3.    I met Melvina Dean – a Titanic survivor    

1.   I had to sign the official secrets act as a requirement of my job   
2. I hit the wreck of the SS Vervassi when taking a boat round the Needles.  
3. I was on the front page of my local paper having rescued a bull from the railway track     

1.  I was selected and trained at Crystal Palace with the England Youth and Intermediate Athletic team
2.  I was a volunteer worker with Victim Support and specialised in victims of violent crime and domestic abuse
3   I am a trained sports and massage therapist, and used to have my own business attending sporting events and running clinics

Answers will be added to this post next month!

Ruth K