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A Very Different Prayer Meeting Experience (November 2020)

On Wednesday evening, 23rd September, our church took the first tentative steps out of Lockdown by opening the church buildings for a time of prayer, gathered in person for the first time since March. Along with 17 others, I ventured along not quite knowing what to expect. I have three lasting impressions to share from going along to pray in person with others:

  1. The WARMTH of the personal welcome from Simon and Brenda as we entered through the Link was very apparent. I totally forgot the Covid protocol and held out my hand to shake Simon’s. He promptly reminded me that this was not advisable but offered his beaming smile and directed me across to the hand sanitizer. I was then directed to Brenda who carefully recorded my name and phone contact details to adhere to the regulations.
  2. The excellent planning and Covid-safe organisation by Simon and Brenda, together with clear visual and auditory directions to our pew seats ensured appropriate social-distancing was maintained throughout. This made everyone feel very SAFE and at ease.
  3. The somewhat WIERD experience of having to wear a mask on entering The Link and keeping it on throughout the prayer time took some getting used to. Likewise, learning to ‘sing’ familiar choruses such as ‘Be still, for the presence of the Lord’ quietly from our hearts will take considerable further practice on my part! However, this strangeness was more than compensated for by the great sense of ONENESS in CHRIST and UNITY of purpose, and hearing others around in the Sanctuary passionately praying out loud, (even if some were slightly muffled through their masks!), was a great JOY to experience!

I had suggested to Margaret, my wife, that she should stay at home, as she is very susceptible to picking up viruses. For other members who are more resistant to contracting infections, I would thoroughly recommend giving any future prayer meetings being held in the Sanctuary a try, for a somewhat weird yet very WONDERFUL Covid-safe experience!!

Ken A

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