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Now that we are unable to meet in person the Church Magazine will be published in instalments throughout each month.
The articles will be shown on the Home Page under Latest News as well as from the Resources Section.

The monthly letter from one of our Pastors is usually published on the last Sunday of the month. The first article will be published on the first day of the month, subsequent articles will usually be published on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am depending on the number of articles and the length ofeach month.

Main from the Manse -October

As harvest dominates this season of the year, I am thinking of what one man at our twin church in Buzivka, Ukraine told me with regards to the fruitfulness of the land he was harvesting at that time.

Church in the City (September 2020)

In this month’s column, I want to write about popularity. I guess like a lot of things, popularity is a spectrum. In the younger generation, the amount of ‘likes’ on social media equates to their popularity online. I have always been a bit more ‘old school’ where popularity is who you hang about with.

Poem & Prayer (September 2020)

Come and worship the King who rules over all.
No problem too big nor one too small.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (September 2020)

The Spurgeons of East Anglia were originally religious refugees from the Netherlands, who arrived in England in the sixteenth century. C.H. Spurgeon, after whom our main hall is named, was born on the 19th June 1834 at Kelvedon in Essex.

Ruth’s Records (September 2020)

I am in “lockdown” while writing this in July, so inevitably I am thinking of the past weeks and months when the world has not been normal for us all; when sad things have happened. The usual patterns of our lives have changed, but some aspects have improved and the old chorus, “Count your blessings” came to mind.

Food in the Wilderness & Alphabet of Assurance (September 2020)

Two inspirational messages

A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness (September 2020)

Ken’s friendship with Peter has spanned over the past 20 turbulent, yet immensely rewarding years. He now shares some insights into Peter’s life and spiritual journey.

From the Editors (September 2020)

This is the seventh magazine we’ve produced since we’ve been in lockdown and, at time of writing, things are beginning to move forward. Alleluia! Let’s pray that they will continue to do so.

Post from Paul – September

If I had asked you at the beginning of 2020 how you envisaged the year unfolding, my guess is your answer may have missed the mark! All of us had plans for this year which had to change due to the Covid pandemic.

On A Lighter Note (August 2020)

“The Sky at Night” and some age realted funnies!

The Church Born in a Prayer Meeting (August 2020)

You will remember that we left the account of our church history at the point where we were about to embark on yet another interregnum at the beginning of 1986.

BMS’ Coronavirus World Response Updates (August 2020)

BMS World Mission has always been about remembering that our neighbours can be anywhere in the world, and as an international charity serving the poorest and least evangelised, we are now, as ever, committed to bringing hope.

VJ Day – A Personal Perspective (August 2020)

I know that for some people what happened before the Japanese surrendered, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, blocks any desire to celebrate. That is entirely right. I want to bring a more personal look at that time.


This year during lockdown, Mark and Helen T have been growing and selling plants from their driveway for Childsplay Romania.

Reading Test (August 2020)

When looking through items that could be used as page fillers we came across this piece of what seemed to be gobbledegook that had been sent to us in July 2005. Actually, it is readable. Why not have a go?

Ruth’s Records (August 2020)

Being able to read is a wonderful gift and it opens up a world of possibilities. We have so many books to choose from according to our tastes. I have been privileged to pass on my love of books to young children in school and in the playgroup that we had in this church for thirty years, as well as to my own family.

Who’s Who? Now includes the Answers!(August 2020)

Can you work out which members of the fellowship are being described?

Church in the City (August 2020)

A Heallthy Diet: In today’s media, a lot of emphasis is on the way you look. Attaining a certain sense of beauty is key to our popularity and status in life and of course, our self-worth!

Mail from the Manse – August

The Bible makes clear however that even in changing times, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Various Thoughts (May 2020)

Greetings & Many Thanks Hi to all the fellowship, hope you have all had a lovely Easter. The weather could not have been nicer than these last few days as I write this for the May magazine. What a blessing to see the spring flowers, feel the warm sunshine and to fully appreciate all that […]

The Church Born in a Prayer Meeting (May 2020)


News from Cherkassy

‘This pesky virus has upended our world – and your world. We are at home together as a family, and spending so much more time together than usual! We have settled into a healthy routine, well, the parents think so anyway.

Mission Spot! (May 2020)

If we hadn’t been in lockdown…

Jeremiah’s Friend (May 2020)

What do we know about Jeremiah? When you look him up in the dictionary, you find it talks of a ‘doleful prophet’, one who proclaims doom and destruction or ‘a denouncer of the present age.’

The Lord’s Prayer (May 2020)

I cannot say Our,
if I live in a watertight spiritual compartment;
if I think a special place in heaven is reserved for my denomination.

Ruth’s Records (May 2020)

CASTING CLOUTS “Sing a song of Maytime, sing a song of spring’ – the time when we begin to feel that winter is over and warm summer days are coming (we hope).

Church in the City (May 2020)

10. The Oldest Sat-Nav In this day and age, whenever we go on a journey, most of us take a sat-nav. We very rarely take a paper map, although I am proud to say I am able to use a paper map still, the Brownies taught me great orientation skills.

Where there’s a will … (May 2020)

As a Church we are very grateful to Kirsty Cummins, the Co-ordinator of The New Dawn Child Contact Centre, for doing everything in her power to enable the families who have been using our premises for contact to continue doing so.

Memories of Michael Banfield (May 2020)

It was with sadness, but not surprise, that we learned of Michael’s death in the early hours of 24 March.

From the Editors (May 2020)

We do hope that you’ve all had a Happy Easter (despite the enforced isolation) and are now ready to think about Pentecost, which will be upon us in no time (on May 31st, to be exact).

Mail from Manse – May

According to the calendar Easter has already passed us by, but through Christ’s death and resurrection, Easter is to be the continual experience of those who put their trust in Him. In God’s mercy the apostle Peter says we have been given, “New birth into a living hope.” A hope that never dies because Jesus ever lives.

On A Lighter Note (April 2020)

Killer Biscuits Wanted for Attempted Murder and other funny stories.

The Church Born in a Prayer Meeting (April 2020)

Part of a series of articles on Our Church History

Back for a Summer Break (April 2020)

Ann is an amazing lady who has served for 52 years as a Nurse, Hostel Mother, School Teacher and Consultant on Haematology Departments, as well as being a friend to many.

More Matriarchs (April 2020)

Having looked at Sarah and Rebekah, we now move on to Jacob’s wives (and ‘concubines’)

Basics Bank (April 2020)

Since 1996, Southampton City Mission (SCM) have been giving out free food to anyone in need in Southampton through their Basics Bank Project.

Fairtrade (April 2020)

We were given a copy of this letter by a proud Mum who was delighted to discover that her children had been learning about these ethical issues in school. They had made some Fairtrade cupcakes in class as well as making packs to sell to family and friends and learning to write formal ‘thank you’ […]

Church in the City (April 2020)

Part 9: Golden Ticket In the month of Easter, for us of course the focus is on Jesus sacrificing Himself for us. However, for many, the focus of Easter is chocolate.

Ruth’s Records (April 2020)

APRIL WAYS The first of April is known as April Fools’ Day (originally All Fools Day) and an April gowk was the name given to those who had been fooled. The old custom was common in Germany being mentioned in about 1656 but it didn’t become popular here until the late 17th century. Nowadays, it […]

Mother to Mother (April 2020)

Mother to Mother…Then and now At this Easter time, my thoughts have been with Mary and her walk with her Son.  I’m a Mum to a very special boy, too.   I started thinking about putting myself in Mary’s shoes, not as a story in a book, but actually into her shoes, and walk through […]

From the Editors (April 2020)

As we have been working on this month’s magazine, it has become increasingly evident that we are all facing the most serious global crisis of our generation – namely the Corona virus pandemic.

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Mail from the Manse – April

We are not without hope in this world. We must pray that at a time when so many don’t know where to go and what to do, they will run to God and find as we all can and must, “… Salvation comes from Him.”