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We are people from a wide range of backgrounds who are on a journey together, learning what it means to live as followers of Jesus Christ in everyday seven days a week life for the whole of our lives. We have discovered from the Bible and from personal experience that Jesus is good news and we want to share that with others.  Find out more

Due to Covid 19 all church activities have been moved online for the foreseeable future.

Click here to see our YouTube for the online activities.

Pastor’s Blog

Listen Again




What’s the best news you’ve ever heard?

I think we can all agree that there is a lot of bad news around!
What if there were some good news?

Why not join us as we explore the claims of Christianity and the good news about Jesus?
Join us on Tuesday evenings via Zoom for 8 interactive sessions
We hope to start on 17 November at 7.30pm with 4 sessions before Christmas and 4 after.
We would love to see you there!

If you would be interested in joining please Contact Us to book your place.