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We are people from a wide range of backgrounds who are on a journey together, learning what it means to live as followers of Jesus Christ in everyday seven days a week life for the whole of our lives. We have discovered from the Bible and from personal experience that Jesus is good news and we want to share that with others.  Find out more

Our services are taking place in the building and being streamed live.

You do not need to book a place for Sunday Morning Worship Services.
You need to either “check-in” via the NHS Covid-19 App or give your contact details to a welcomer or steward.

Some of our activities have now re-opened. Please visit our What’s On page for more details.

Pastor’s Blog

Listen Again




Dear Members and Friends,

God’s blessings and a Happy New Year to you all. I do hope that during the season of our Lord’s birth, you were able to stay safe, encouraged and truly uplifted in your walk with God simply because so many talented members of our fellowship put the energy and effort in to making sure that not even another Covid Christmas would be allowed to dim our focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to give us services to watch and messages to think through and act upon.

Every New Year begins with a wave of optimism as it is out with the old and in with the new. But we soon discover that it is easier to abandon a resolution than to keep it when the problem does not immediately disappear, when our relationship is not instantly transformed, and when that habit does not automatically go away! Bringing about the changes that matter is never as easy as the adverts on TV and Facebook might fool us into believing. It demands an ongoing commitment to set aside those feelings of discouragement, turn our backs on the temptation to quit and to do what Proverbs 24:16 says the godly will do, and try one more time. “For though a righteous person falls seven times, they rise again.” 

I may not know what this New Year holds for you or indeed how often you may feel like giving up in 2022, but, if we continue to look to and lean on Him, as true followers of the risen Lord, we will always be able to rise again to whatever the challenge is or from however great the disappointment has been. This year can reward us with much if we are ready to resolve to rise again and be SAVOURING OUR SAVIOUR.

On Sunday9 January we held our rededication Sunday around the communion table; we committed to rise again and be open to all the Lord would have for us and to do through us.

Let us stay the course together then and rise once more. Let us resolve, as Baptist Missionary William Carey said, “To expect great things from God and to attempt great things for God.”

Your Friend and Pastor